Gen 1 Chapter 14

The following days I was so sad. My heart was broken. All I did was paint sad paintings.
02-05-15_8-01 PM

But then everything changed. Alberto came back to me!

02-05-15_9-24 PM-2

Bas went fishing again, and came home with the stangest things…like boxes, and plant seeds. Who knew there were so many different items in the river.02-05-15_7-56 PM-2

Becky completed her rocket, and to celebrate her birthday she took the rocket for a first flight.03-22-15_3-33 PM-2

I was proud of my girl for building a real rocket! Yet, I was so scared! 03-22-15_3-34 PMAfter a few scary hours she returned home, safe and sound.    03-22-15_3-41 PM


Gen 1 Chapter 13

Becky was really happy this morning and dragged everyone out of bed to see her cowplant! The plant looks exotic, but also a bit scary.

02-01-15_2-32 PM-2

But now that everyone was up so early, I supervised homework-time.

02-01-15_3-05 PM

Now that Brianna is no longer a teenager she doesn´t have homework anymore. Instead of joining the homework session, she went to the gym.

02-01-15_2-48 PM-4

At night Alberto wasn´t feeling well.

02-01-15_3-31 PM-2

Then he collapsed on the floor!

02-01-15_3-33 PM

Death came and took Alberto with him.

02-01-15_3-36 PM

Gen 1 Chapter 12

Becky is such a busy bee, she decided to build a rocket in the garden…I really wonder why we need one, but oh well. I won´t stop her if she enjoys building one. 01-07-15_5-09 PM-3 I have found a new hobby, which is playing the piano! Making music makes me happy. I am getting really good at it and even composed my own song. In addition, I started giving the boys violin lessons. It hurts my ears!! I hope the lessons will pay off soon.01-07-15_5-15 PMOne night Alberto went fishing with the boys. When they came home they were all so excited! Or maybe that was because of the upcoming birthday of the twins…01-07-15_8-50 PM My twin boys are now teenagers! 01-07-15_9-29 PM They are looking quite handsome. 01-08-15_4-51 PM Brianna has her birthday as well. 01-18-15_6-17 PM She hasn´t changed a bit.01-08-15_4-51 PM-2 After eating cake we danced the whole night. The birthday was a blast!01-08-15_4-54 PM-6

Gen 1 Chapter 11

Babette and Ben grew up far too fast. Babette was crying on her birthday, because she never wanted a younger sibling. I thought this was not a good sign and I really do hope the twins get along! They seem to be opposites. Babette is cheerful while Ben is such a hothead.

12-31-14_6-48 PM

Alberto didn´t retire yet, but took some time off to spend more time with the kids. He especially loves to read to Babette and Ben.

12-31-14_7-06 PM

Beer has a new hobby…fishing! I should give him a curfew, but since it is so near to our house I don´t think it is such a problem for him to go fishing.

12-31-14_7-23 PM

If only all my kids had such innocent hobbies as Beer. After Ben saw his brother experimenting he wanted to give it a try too…and set the room on fire! I panicked. It is a good thing Becky was there to extinguish the fire.

12-31-14_7-47 PM

Briony wanted to be sure the fire was out, so she too used the fire extinguisher. Everyone was safe and no real harm was done. Yet it was such a scare! From now on we will place a fire alarm in our hobby room.12-31-14_7-48 PM-2

Gen 1 Chapter 10

We had another birthday. This time it was Becky´s turn to grow up into a teenager.

12-29-14_5-10 PM-2

The celebrations had just started when I spoiled the party. The baby was coming!12-29-14_5-23 PM-2I gave birth to twins! A boy and a girl. We named the girl Babette…
12-31-14_4-46 PM

and we named the boy Ben.

12-31-14_4-45 PM

Becky did not mind sharing her birthday with her new siblings, but to be sure she was happy I made it up to her by gifting her her own garden. Becky was thrilled! She loves gardening.
12-31-14_5-05 PM-4

Gen 1 Chapter 9

The boys had their birthday. They look so much alike! Even for me it is hard to tell them apart, and I am their mom. There characters are different though, but for that you have to get to know them.

12-21-14_9-30 PM-2

Bas is very studious and loves to experiment.

12-28-14_3-17 PM-2

And Beer is very active and loves to play at the monkey bars. Which makes him a good playmate for Becky.

12-28-14_3-17 PM-3

Briony is now a teenager. She looks so grownup! She wants to be a writer and spends a lot of time writing on the computer.

12-28-14_2-47 PM

As you know I love to paint, and I recently found out I have a talent for making emotional paintings. When I feel a certain emotion very strongly, people who look at the finished painting will feel it too. Today I was really focused, and started on a diagram. Maybe it will help the kids to focus when they are doing homework.

12-28-14_2-46 PMI finished my diagram and placed it on the wall in the dining room, where the kids usually do their homework. It might sound odd, but that diagram really works. Just look at them! They are all focussing on their homework. I´m so proud of them! They already have good grades, but maybe this will give them the little push they need to get A´s at school.
12-28-14_3-52 PM

Today we had another birthday, and I baked the birthday cake myself. It was the first time I baked one. It looks good though. I hope it tastes as good as it looks, fingers crossed!

12-29-14_4-16 PM

It was Alberto´s birthday! In an instant he had grey hair. I hope his hair did not turn grey from the shock of the birthdaycake I baked…

12-29-14_4-18 PM

We at the cake in our newly enlarged and decorated diningroom. Everyone told me the cake was delicious. I was so excited that my first cake was such a success! 12-29-14_4-20 PM

Gen 1 Chapter 8

I was entertaining the girls and their friends when I could feel it…the baby was coming!12-21-14_7-04 PM-3

When the girls heard this, they wanted to take turns to feel the baby now that they still could. I took the time for them, and then left to the hospital.

12-21-14_7-03 PM-2I gave birth to not 1, but 2 little boys! Isn’t that great, twin boys!!
12-21-14_7-26 PM

Bas is the eldest.

12-21-14_7-28 PM

And Beer is the youngest.12-21-14_7-29 PM